Clearing low bars -- or trying to. Some days I move unbelievably slowly, feeling the weight of all the intersecting obligations. That's today, and there will be more like today. A morning full of administrative tasks and planning usually leaves me focused and energized, but I guess not today. And by this evening, I still feel like I've been churning through and not accomplishing anything. Time to go write, time to go edit and expand.

An event is a thing that happens. It's important to acknowledge that that statement is a metaphor. That an event, an incidence in time and change in material context, can be considered a thing, something, an object with boundaries and solidity that occurs in relief. What makes an event unique, the defining quality of eventhood in this metaphor, is that an event can "happen", or can possess the quality of "happening". I am so intrigued by this metaphor and what it says about how we think. Once you start seeing language as metaphorical, especially seeing linking verbs as metaphors, things shift. (Things shift -- ideas change places physically in a conceptual space.)