Collected and In-Progress Academic Writing

INME: A Self-Determined Music (2017, independent)

Application essay expanding on earlier work with INME corpus. On experimental musicians' idiosyncratic use of language in promotional materials. 

Sounding Body: A story about my encounters with some sounds and affects, and ways they might signify . (2015, Northwestern University)

Final paper from Sound, Affect, and Signification seminar with Dr. Ryan Dohoney. On the music of Andrew Greenwald, Katie Young and Austin Wulliman, Salvatore Sciarrino, and Georg Haas in my life.

A Resource Within Ourselves: The Cultural Politics of Balinese Children's Music. (2015, Northwestern University)

Final paper from Socialization course with leading childhood and play anthropologist Dr. Helen B. Schwartzman. On girls' gamelan groups, girlhood, work feminism, tourism, and cultural "betterment".

The Concerto and its Beginnings. (2016, The Juilliard School)

Course paper from The Baroque Concerto historical music theory course with theorist and composer Dr. Kendall Durelle Briggs. On the history of the concerto form with influence of the hexachordal transition and the Venetian polychoral tradition.

Gentil Pastorella: Reimagining Dorinda as Heroic Pastoral Custodian in Handel's Orlando. (2016, The Juilliard School)

Final paper from The Operas of Handel course with Dr. Ellen Harris. A feminist archetypical reimagining of the role of Dorinda, in light of new research on concurrent female literary roles in the English pastoral genre.

Tactile Contexts: Toward A Feeling Musicology. (2016, The Juilliard School)

Incomplete: Fragments and framework from current personal project overseen by Dr. Frederic Fehleisen. Towards engaging a tactile archae-history in understanding early music theory and practices, including hexachordal theory as touch-metaphor and a string instrumentalist's sense as both functional (instrumental) and feeling (rhetorical-affective).